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Building a restaurant takes a specific set of skills, a cohesive team, and specialized knowledge of the industry’s regulations. From the initial design drawings to completion of technical details, restaurant construction is a niche industry that is growing every year. ResCon Group has not only proven to design and construct beautiful, modern restaurants, we’ve consistently done so within any set deadline and any set budget. If you are looking for the right team that can handle every aspect of your new construction, choose our experienced, fast, and cost-effective team.

Design Building

New Construction
A new construction build is an extensive project that can quickly become a nightmare without the right team. We specialize in building restaurants from the ground up. We’ve successfully completed numerous projects that involved the construction of a completely new building. These types of builds are the most extensive because of the additional time and labor required to create the initial design concepts and architectural drawings.

When it comes to a restaurant build-out, making sure that our clients’ vision is adequately represented in the initial design drawings is our top priority. Our designers work one on one with clients and restaurant owners to ensure that every detail is accounted for, every code and regulation is properly adhered to, and every technical detail is covered. Once the building drawings are approved, we waste no time transitioning to the construction phase of your build.


Our team is well versed in efficient collaboration between our clients, designers, and general contractors. From start to finish, we build each restaurant according to the client’s unique vision. During the transition from design building to construction, our clients can rest assured knowing that all the labor, material, and details are handled meticulously by each of our staff. We cater to our client’s needs, allowing them to be as involved as they desire throughout the entire build.

While construction timelines do vary according to factors such as weather, delivery of materials, site specifications, etc., our general contractors run a tight schedule that allows us to adhere to our clients’ deadlines. We always keep an eye on the clock but never sacrifice the look of the restaurant or the safety of the site in doing so. We do what it takes to ensure that the final result exceeds the client’s expectations.


When it comes time for our clients to launch their restaurant, we work hard to ensure that their building is safe, beautiful, and exactly how they envisioned it. We manage the entire restaurant build, from inception to launch, so that they can focus on the day to day details of owning and opening a restaurant.

ResCon Group partners with clients to help them reach the success they deserve – and that begins with a successful and seamless restaurant construction. Call us today to launch your restaurant build-out.

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