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Converting Buildings Into Unique Restaurants

Choosing the location for your restaurant is an important decision and one that can ultimately make or break your success as an owner. Sometimes, finding the best location for your restaurant requires converting an existing building instead of building from the ground up. Turning a pre-existing building into a restaurant allows owners to choose locations that are already high-traffic and popular. In some cases, it can prove to be a cost and time effective decision as well. ResCon Group can help you make your restaurant conversions smooth and successful!

What Is A Restaurant Conversion?

A conversion is a build-out that involves turning a pre-existing building into a restaurant. This option is becoming increasingly popular for restaurant owners because it can be both time and cost saving. From retail stores to salons, any closed space can be turned into a restaurant when done correctly and can secure a spot in a desirable, popular location.

Finding The Right Fit

ResCon Group is experienced in helping restaurant owners convert pre-existing buildings into the restaurant of their dreams. While conversions can make the process of opening a restaurant faster and more affordable, there are still quite a lot of steps required to complete the transformation.

Not every building will be the right fit for every restaurant. Size, adequate space for your brand’s kitchen equipment, making sure the spot is up to code as far as industry regulations, and the location of plumbing are just some of the details that one should keep in mind when scouting out the perfect pre-existing building. Fortunately, our general contractors work closely with you to determine your restaurant vision and can quickly determine whether a particular space will or won’t work for your restaurant.

Completing The Transformation

Once we’ve helped you secure the perfect location for your restaurant, we get straight to work ordering the material we need to transform the space. All the while, our general contractors will allow you to be as closely involved as you like and will offer professional advice regarding modifications made to the building. Some of our responsibilities during the transformation phase include but are not limited to:
  • Incorporating all mandated health and safety features to keep building up to code
  • Moving air vents, plumbing structures, water pipes, etc. if needed (we will always use original location of utilities when possible to save cost)
  • Foundation modifications- moving, adding, or eliminating walls, platforms, etc.
  • Transformation of store frontage- modifying windows, doors, signage, etc.
  • Incorporating commercial appliance to match your brand’s design and feel
  • Assisting clients with setup of necessary restaurant inspections
ResCon Group is experienced in converting pre-existing buildings into unique and successful eateries. Call us today to get started on your restaurant conversion.

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