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Construction Management

The construction phase of your restaurant build is perhaps the most crucial phase of all. It takes time, effort, and money to flesh out the ideal concept for your restaurant, not to mention transforming that mental picture into live drawings complete with intricate, technical details. You want to rest assured knowing that every detail is impeccably followed by your construction team. That’s where we come in.

We Are Painstakingly Thorough

Construction Management
When you choose our team to manage your restaurant construction, we guarantee that every worker involved sees the bigger picture and is aligned with your vision. Every intricate detail is completed in accordance to the necessary codes and the architectural drawings approved by you during the design building phase. From the pattern of your bathroom tiling to the set up and materials used for your food prep station, we promise you that no detail will be overlooked.

We Are Fast & Efficient

We pride ourselves on our quick turnarounds. There has never been a project that missed its deadline due to our team. We do what we have to do to complete a build within your schedule. Whether it means working later in the day or coming in earlier, our employees are extremely deadline oriented, professional, and dedicated to your vision.

We Are Cost-Effective

Every project comes with a budget. Our team respects the financial parameters associated with every build. We work hard to keep your project within your budget. If you’ve ever been involved with a construction project, you know that unexpected circumstances may necessitate additional funding. However, we will never go beyond your budget without discussing the need with you and waiting for your approval.

We Work For YOU

Choosing ResCon Group means that you get the highest quality restaurant for your money and that the doors open quickly and exactly as you envisioned. Your needs and your vision come first, no matter what. Give us a call today to get started with your restaurant build or remodel.

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