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Designing Your Building

When you choose to build a restaurant, you will most likely need the expertise of a design builder. The majority of restaurant builds require this specific skill set and fortunately, our team provides it for you. Instead of having to hire outside of our general contracting team, we offer a one-stop shop when it comes to the talent you need to make your restaurant build-out or remodel become a reality.

Why Keep Design Building Within ResCon Group?

Designing Your Building
The advantage of having design building capabilities available when you choose our organization is in knowing that all teams involved are unified, communicate and work well together, and have the same goal in mind. Over the years, we’ve seen other construction projects that are terribly disjointed as a result of the client having to hire several different teams. The result is poor management, bad communication, missed deadlines, unhappy clients, and wasted money.

Professional Advice For Technical & Aesthetic Details

When it comes to a restaurant build, there are safety and health codes to follow, ADA compliance guidelines to remember, and plumbing codes to incorporate – not to mention the varying local and state regulations to which you need to adhere. Our team will help you navigate the tricky, intricate details associated with a restaurant build or remodel.

Our professionals follow every code and guideline associated with restaurants while also working closely with you to understand your unique needs, style, and budget. Then, we formulate the initial design concept for your building. After incorporating your needs, your vision, and the technical details, our designers will create intricate drawings that encompass all building codes and regulations.

Design to Construction: A Seamless Transition

Once your team accepts the design, it is immediately passed into action by our general contracting and construction management teams. You don’t need to worry about losing time or momentum by switching from one company to another during this stage. Our team is experienced in relaying every detail for an efficient, cost-effective, and smooth transition from design building to construction, never missing a beat in the process!

We provide a seamless, professional experience for your restaurant design building. Give us a call to get started on making your restaurant dream become a reality!

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